Outdoor camping with our workers and huskies

Join us for a summertime adventure at The Whale Island (Kvaløya), outside of Tromsø. This activity is for people that love to be outdoors. 







The Whale Island (Kvaløya), a 45-minute drive from Tromsø centre

Pick up

Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø


02:00 PM (14:00), other times on request


20 - 24 hours


3 800 NOK per person (max 4 people)

Explore the valleys in between the tall mountains

During summertime we love to go camping in tents, staying in nature with our dogs. Enjoying our time outdoors in the lightest season in the north (the time of the midnightsun). Now we invite you to join our adventures at the Whale Island, exploring the island together. The best way to spend time outdoors is together with your best four legged friends. 

On this trip the tent, backpack, sleepingbag, sleeping mat, rain poncho, eating/cooking utensils are provided by us. Dinner, supper and breakfast is included in the price (if you have any allergies or special food requests let us know). 

All guests needs to bring their own clothes and hikingboots (should be waterproof seeing as we might come across wet terrains). The arctic summer can vary a lot between warm and cold weather so it is recommended to bring: Wool underwear (base layer, long sleeved), jumper (wool or fleece), extra pair of socks, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sleepliner for sleepingbag, desired snacks, water bottle and camera.


It is voluntary for the guests to walk with husky, but everyone will get the chance if they are interested. 

This activity is at the difficulty medium, seeing as every guests needs to be able to carry their bag with equipment between 5 - 10 kilo, over a couple of kilometers in varying terrain. Every trip will be adjusted after the skills of the guests.

It is not recommended to book our activity if you suffer from back pain, epilepsy, heart problems or if you are in the late stages of pregnancy.

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