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2-days of dogsledding

Experience traditional dogsledding by driving your own team of professional huskies, into the wild to stay the night outdoors.




to 25.03.2024


Pickup place


The Whale Island, a 45-minute drive from Tromsø centre

Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø

11:00 AM (11:00) 


30 hours


9 500 NOK per person (max 4


A one night adventure where your dog team will take you over new lengths 

To book this activity: 

Contact us at with your request.

The dogs at Kvaløya Husky want to take you out on a one-night adventure. Here you will leave the citylights behind and take your sled into nature for an arctic night under the stars. You get to experience how to control a team of strong huskies and the ways of surviving a night in the wild. If we are lucky the majestic aurora borealis makes an appearance during the night. 


On the first day you will meet up at Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø for your pickup, then we will take a 45-minute drive to our dogyard. When we arrive at the kennel you will be dressed in weather appropriate clothes and get a full introduction in our Arctic Lavvo. The experienced guide Tommy is going to tell you all about the care of our dogs, how we want the guests to approach the dogs and the basics of dogsledding. Together we go over all of the equipment that we bring for the night, and you learn how to assemble your tent. Then you come with us into the dogyard and meet your team for the adventure, ranging from 4-8 Alaskan huskies.


When everything is ready, we together assemble the teams and off we go into the wild nature at Kvaløya (The Whale Island). Together we ride through kilometers of snow, trees, creeks, looking up at the beautiful mountains in our surroundings. Keep your eyes open for moose, reindeer, snow grouse, eagles, foxes and other wild animals. After a while we find the perfect spot to assemble our camp. The dogs are parked and fed for the night, then we assemble our tents for a night’s rest after tough sledding.


When the camp is set you will be able to enjoy a hot meal by the campfire, sharing our experiences around the flames. If we are lucky, we might see the aurora dancing over our heads in between the star constellations. When morning arrives, we will take down our campspace, prepare the sleds and make sure that we leave no trace behind on our wonderful nature. Then the teams take us back though our trail to our dogyard. Upon our return the dogs will be fed, and you will get some time to say goodbye to your new friends before we head back to the city of Tromsø. We recommend you bring a camera to take pictures along the way, to commemorate and share with friends and family. 


Our kennel has 57 Alaskan huskies, which is a medium polardog. The dogs range from puppies to 10 year-olds. You can read more about our dogs on Instagram @kvaloyahusky.

The equipment that is included in this activity is proper winter clothes and boots, dogsled and team of huskies, 2-person tent, camping gear. As well as hot drinks, dinner, breakfast and lunch. We want you to bring wool underwear (base layer, long sleeved), jumper (wool or fleece), wool socks, gloves, warm hat, sunglasses, sleepliner for sleepingbag, desired snacks, water bottle and camera.


This activity is classified as challenging, because some parts of our trails can be steep and difficult, which means that the trip is recommended for adventure seekers and is suitable for everyone with great fitness.

We advise you to not book this activity if you suffer from back pain, epilepsy, heart problems or if you are in the later stages of pregnancy.


Season: 14th of January to 25th of March

Availability: Monday to Sunday

Duration: 30 hours (may vary based on the weather conditions) 

Departure time and place: 11:00 AM (11:00) at Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø 

Return time and place: 04:00 PM (16:00) at Radison Blu Hotel Tromsø

Location: Straumsbukta at Kvaløya (The Whale Island)

Level of difficulty: Challenging 

Group size: Max 4 people

Age restriction: 16 years old accompanied by an adult

Included: Experienced guide, full mushing instructions, your own dog team, winter boots and clothing, tent and camping gear, hot drinks, dinner, breakfast and lunch, transfer to and from pickup location (45 minutes in each direction).

Please bring: Wool underwear (base layer, long sleeved), jumper (wool or fleece), wool socks, gloves, warm hat, sunglasses, sleepliner for sleepingbag, desired snacks, water bottle and camera.​

If you have any questions or special requests get in touch at


Dec 11 - Dec 17
















This activity can be booked until 5 days before the tour.


Please contact us at least 5 days before your activity in order to cancel or move your appointment.


+47 481 65 718

Leirstrandvegen 227,

9106 Straumsbukta

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