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Hansvoll gård

We have for  rent a spacious apartment in our farmbuilding and  in our renovated holydayhouse in Straumsbukta on the island Kvaløya

ca. 30 km south of Tromsø Airport - Langnes.

Overnight stay in newly renovated farmbuilding

On the ground floor of our newly renovated farm-building we have 3 bedrooms available, 2 modern bathrooms, sauna and a large kitchen. In addition there is lots of space for relaxing, dining, reading or to go online fiber network  for sharing your experiences of your trip. There are immense possibilities for exploring birdlife, flowers and wildlife of the area. The area is a "dream come true" for nature photographers and those who like safe trekking in the mountains or along the shoreline.

We even rent out boat for rowing and sea kayaks if you like to challenge yourselves!

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hansvoll bilde 3.jpg
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