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Yggdrasiltunet Farmhotel retreat & spa

If you want to experience what it is like to stay close to nature in Norway and have a relaxing evening in beautiful landscape, we recommend an overnight stay at our local Farm Hotel.

Overnight stay in calm surroundings

Yggdrasiltunet is situated above the old settlement on the farm and consists of a number of new buildings.
The main house is located on the hillside, with beautiful views. In this house there is reception, restaurant, shower and living room. Here is the outlet of local art and other handmade items.
The rooms are in cabins encircled by the main house. They have three types of rooms to choose from. One of the rooms is called modern Viking living. This is a room close to where the animals are staying. There are sheep and horses right outside the window and this gives a very special atmosphere. They have four rooms in free standing wooden cabins. These are cozy rooms with Norwegian interiors. The rest of the rooms are in a new and modern hotel building. All rooms are modern and decorated with warm Norwegian home-style.


Norwegian cuisine

Homemade food, made from Norwegian ingredients. Yggdrasiltunet makes their food based on old Norwegian traditions and the history behind it.

Here you can eat many different courses, and some of them are: goat, lamb, meatballs, bacalao, whalebeef, reindeer, etc.  

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