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Get a peek into the life with huskies trough our day-trips

Activities winter season

Dogsledding day-trip

Join us in a small group where our dogs takes you into untouched nature

Monday - Sunday from November to March

Duration: 5 hours

Time: 08:45 AM and 02:15 PM

Group size: 1-8 people

Price per person: 1 850 NOK


Two days of dogsledding

A one night adventure where your dog team will take you over new lengths 

Monday - Sunday from 14. 01. 2023 to 25. 03. 2023

Duration: 30 hours

Time: 11:00 AM

Group size: 1-6 people

Price per person: 6 500 NOK


Exclusive overnight stay in Arctic Gamme

One of our mushers will transport you in their sled to spend the night in private nature surroundings

Monday - Sunday from November to March

Duration: 18 hours

Time: 06:00 PM

Price per night (2 people): 14 000 NOK

Activities summer season


Husky wagon ride

Enjoy a ride in the wagon of one of our professional mushers

Monday - Sunday from August to October

Duration: 5 hours

Time: 09:00 AM and 02:15 PM

Group size: 1-6 people

Price per person: 1 850 NOK


Husky hike

A walk in the nature of our area with a couple of our huskie

Monday - Sunday from May to June

Duration: 2 hours

Time: 11:00 AM

Group size: 1-4 people

Price per person: 995 NOK


Hike & Camp

Join us on a night in the wild nature of the Whale Island

Monday - Sunday from 20. 05. 2023 to 30. 06. 2023

Duration: 20 hours

Time: 02:00 PM

Group size: 1-4 people

Price per person: 3 800 NOK

Living with dogs means that you will dedicate your life to the well-being of the animals, and in our case that means being outside 365 days a year, in any weather. You will always put the dogs first.

 - Karianne, musher at Kvaløya Husky AS

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Kvaløya Husky AS was founded in 2019, after a dream of having dogsledding as a profession for several years. Tommy started dogsledding 22 years ago and has gained a lot of experience since then. Our dailylife consists of caring and training the dogs, as well as maintenance of the dogyard and preparing for races.


The company has 4 employees, who has a personal relation to every single dog. 


We believe that life is best spent outdoors, and there is nothing better to do than spend time with animals. Per now we have 51 Alaksan huskies, which is a medium size polardog. Our dogs range from puppies to senior dogs. 

When you visit us we want to give you some time to disconnect from the city noice, as you feel the fresh arctic air and get to know our amazing dogs. 



A really special part of our visit to Norway. We visited on the last day of their official ‘season’ and were treated as if it were the first. Karianne met us from the Radisson Blu at 5pm and drove us to the site, appprox 40 minutes away. Loved that the centre is small (currently 44 dogs) and the sea views spectacular. I chose to be driven in the sledge but my husband wanted to try driving and he totally loved it… as did I. Tony was our other guide and he was so engaging and entertaining, teaching my husband and allowing him to really have the full experience of being in command of the pack. The ride was exhilarating (and never felt in the slightest bit afraid in Karianne’s capable hands). The dogs were awesome and we learnt so much about them from Karianne and Tony. Lovely time after the ride hanging out with the dogs and then enjoying a hot drink by the fire in the tent and chatting.

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