Get a peek into the life with huskies trough our day-trips


Our activities

Dogsledding day-trip

5 hours

1 750 kr

Monday - Sunday

08:45 AM and 17:00 PM


Dogsledding expedition

5 days

Coming soon


2-days of dogsledding

30 hours

5 500 kr

Saturdays from 01.01.2022 - 31.03.2022, other days on request

10:00 AM


About Kvaløya Husky

Kvaløya Husky AS was founded in 2019, after a dream of having dogsledding as a profession for years. Tommy started dogsledding 20 years ago and has competed in several races since then. Dailylife consists of caring and training the dogs, as well as maintenance of the dogyard and preparing for races. 

The company has 4 employees, who has a personal relation to every single dog. 


We believe that life is best spent outdoors, and there is nothing better to do than spend time with our fantastic dogs. We have 43 Alaksan huskies, which is a medium polardog. Our dogs range from puppies to 11 year-olds. 

We want to let help you let down your shoulders and enjoy the fresh breeze and meet our amazing dogs.


+47 481 65 718

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